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Bryan Karas

Bryan Karas
Bryan Karas is the CEO of GrowTal, a Silicon Valley based marketplace that specializes in connecting marketing professionals with organizations that require top notch expertise. Before founding GrowTal, Bryan founded Playbook Media a digital marketing agency that specializes in growth marketing for startups.

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How to Build and Implement a Winning Covid-19 Holiday Marketing Strategy

The holiday shopping season is nearly upon us. It’s that time of year when every article you read for the next few...

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Hiring and Managing Marketing Freelancers: A Blueprint for Successful Partnerships

The COVID-19 crisis has brought new challenges to businesses and professionals around the world. Businesses have been...

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Freelance Marketing: Everything You Need to Know to Get Hired

In 2020, the world changed in ways that most people could have never imagined. The COVID-19 crisis has put stress on...

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